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NXE13000mAh/25C-6S 22.2V

TIME:2017-07-06 10:45:14


Model No.: NXE13000/25-6S

Typical capacity : 13000mAh

Typical Voltage: 22.2V

Dimensions: 68.0*71.0*181.0mm

Approx Weight: 1575.0g

Soft Case: Transparent colour PVC, Red Cover

Plug: XT90 Plug

Continuous Discharge Current: 25C

Burst Discharge Current: 50C

Charge Rate: 1-3C Recommended, 5C Max

Product Advantages:

    (1) Adopt the world's key material-LiCo02.

    (2) Fully automatic lamination machine with Nano Tech.

    (3) Laminated structure, Nano Coat Technology. Advanced Nano ultrasonic welding electrode.

    (4) Industry most stringent single cell capacity, voltage, resistance and discharge curve (competition level) matching process.

    (5) Strong safety performance and extremely low self-discharge.

    (6) Long cycle life, chargeable up to 300 to 500 times.

    (7) No memory effect, high discharge and charge current. 

    (8) No mercury, No fire, No explosion, No leakage.

    (9) Quite good and quick charge, capability can be charged to 90% within 10 mins.

    (10) Thickness can be adjusted while width and height keep the same.

    (11) Light weight and low IR, packed with punch and ready to race.

    (12) Good storage performance, Green & Environmental protection without any pollution.

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