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  • NXE Power Lipo Battery for RC Helicopters

    NXE Power Lipo Battery for RC Helicopters

    NXE batteries are suitable to many famous brands helicopters, aircrafts and Airplanes. NXE provides complete...

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  • NXE Power Lipo Battery for RC Cars

    NXE Power Lipo Battery for RC Cars

    NXE Power hardcase batteries are specially manufactured for different brands R/C cars and with high capacity...

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  • NXE Power Lipo Battery for RC Drones

    NXE Power Lipo Battery for RC Drones

    NXE Power drones lipo batteries have large capacity, high power density, longtime flight, stable discharging curve...

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About Us about us

Hebi NXE Electronics Co. Ltd. (former Nuoya Electronics Co., Ltd., here in after referred to as NXE) was founded in 2004, which is located at No. 281, Haihe Road, Qibin District, Hebi Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 100 acres, including office building, dormitory, canteen and facilities goods are available in all varieties. NXE invested 150 million RMB at the first phase to introduce the world's most advanced fully automatic and semi-automatic production equipment and sophisticated detection equipment...

Company News

Company News

  • [field:title/] Apple company improves lipos can increase battery life 2015-09-30

    It shows that apple will redesign lipo batteries for iPad, iPhone and MacBook to improve battery life. The new lipo battery pack will have some different size of lipo cells. Apple Company is finding t...

  • [field:title/] Impact of Japan earthquake on China's lipo battery factories 2015-09-30

    Japan is the front ranks of the world in lithium polymer battery industry and they own more than 50% of material for lithium polymer battery. Japan has a complete industry chain from upstream of the m...

  • [field:title/] China battery manufacturers have a big opportunity now 2015-09-30

    After Japan earthquake, the material of lithium polymer battery, global aluminum foil has a big gap. The largest of aluminum foil manufacturer in Japan will cooperate with Dongyang company in China an...

  • [field:title/] 无人机技术贴:指南针干扰的那些事儿 2015-09-04

    指南针干扰之痛 使用DJI飞机的模友都很害怕遇到“指南针干扰”这个“梦魇”, 每当APP上提示”指南针干扰“,心情都会立马变得很紧张,好像不可预测的危险即将出现。为了避免出现”指南针干扰“问题,模友们都习惯性地在飞行前校准指南针,但即使这

  • [field:title/] 天鹅=无人机视频增稳系统? 2015-09-04


Tech Support


  • Knowledge for manufacturing process of Lipo batteries 2015-09-30

    Firstfromrawmaterials--drying--balling--mixing--coating--electrodedrying--calendaring-cutting--punching --stackingtabwelding--shortcircuitchecking-pre-package--electrolyteinjection--pre-formation--deg...

  • 问: 环境温度对电池性能有何影响? 2015-07-22

    答: 在所有的环境因素中,温度对电池的充放电性能影响最大,在电极/电解液界面上的电化学反应与环境温度有关,电极/电解液界面被视为电池的心脏。如果温度下降,电极的反应率也下降,假设电池电压保持恒定,放电电流降低,电池的功率输出也会下降。如果温度上

  • 问: 什么是电池的内压电池正常内压一般为多少? 2015-07-22

    答: 电池的内压是由于充放电过程中产生的气体所形成的压力.主要受电池材料制造工艺,结构等使用过程因素影响.一般电池内压均维持在正常水平,在过充或过放情况下,电池内压有可能会升高: 如果复合反应的速度低于分解反应的速度,产生的气体来不及被消耗掉,就会造

  • 问: 锂聚合物电池具有哪些优点? 2015-07-22

    答: 无电池漏液问题,其电池内部不含液态电解液,使用胶态的固体,可制成薄型电池:以3.6V400mAh的容量,其厚度可薄至0.5mm,电池可设计成多种形状,电池可弯曲变形:高分子电池最大可弯曲900左右,可制成单颗高电压:液态电解质的电池仅能以数颗电池串联得到

  • 问: 需要大电流放电,尤其对启动电流要求高,这样可以定制吗? 2015-07-22

    答: 完全可以, 诺信电子科技可以为您定制你需要的任何规格的电池。这是我们的优势。

  • 问: 如何进行电池的定制? 2015-07-22

    答: 你只需联系我们,告诉我们,你所需要的电池的相关规格和参数即可。

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