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NXE Power successfully attended the 16th China Hobby Expo

TIME:2015-10-29 09:43

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The 16th China Hobby Expo (Beijing) was closed victoriously on April 25th. As one of the most 

famous and best lipo battery manufacturers in China, NXE Power was invited to attend this awsome

Expo. And to our joy, NXE finally got great success and reputation like last year.
During three-days' Expo, a lot of customers and fans from all over the world came to NXE's booth

and talked with us, they highly appreciated NXE lipo batteries, and many fans bought batteries to

power their rc cars and rc helicopters. The conversations with customers were successful and happy,

especially the live video of production from our factory which is located in Hebi City, Henan Province

amazed all of them. It is no doubt that NXE will be more popular and play an essential role in the future

RC world.

NXE Power is always doing best to provide customers with high quality products and excellent services.

With the support of customers from the whole world, we believe that NXE will be better and better.    

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